Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Diving 03-07/01/2013

The courses started ok, theory was not too complicated but the practice in the swimming pool was a bit a bit frightening for Asta, but Amine encouraged her to proceed and she was very happy about it. After 2 days in the swimming pool we went on a 3 day boat trip named concentration camp for diving. 5 dives a day is planned :) the 3 hour boat ride to the Reef was bumpy. We learned that seasick medication is good :) nice lunch and we are ready for our first experience in the open waters. It was not as frightening as we thought at the beginning. Although outside the sea was a bit chilly due to strong wing and big waves.

But once you are in the water everything is warm and calm. You felt more comfortable under the water with 1 bottle of air and on the constantly rocking boat.
The underwater experience is amazing. We saw a turtle, Nemo with a family, a stingrays, a shark chilling out on the bottom, and bunch of other funny, colourful, small, big fish.

The best experience was the night dive. You can not see anything but your imagination made you picture the good and the bad. The ugly and the beautiful. Well we are almost done with the blind dive and need to make a safety stop at 5 meters depth before going back to the boat. We are chilling, lifting our heads up to check how the boat is doing and there they were. 1, 2, and 3 very friendly looking sharks circling around the boat. What made it less awkward is the fact that our diving instructor told us that these sharks are too slow and not hungry for human meat :)

We believe the pictures are best to describe the amazing diversity of the Great Barrier Reef. Please enjoy :)

In addition at the time the pictures were taken Asta was forgotten by her diving partner or well not really forgotten, she was too curious where one of the fishes goes. We all know a saying: curiosity killed a cat... well that fish started to attack her. When we went back on the surface we found out that Asta approached too close to the fish breeding area and therefore the fish attacked her. by the way, the fish bites pretty nasty but Asta was lucky enough not to esperience it by running away from it. Amine still does not that a cute fish like that could attach.

The picture of the attacker is below. It's called a trigger fish.

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